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Pest control

insect, bugs, rates, and cockroach

It depends in its implementation on the following of the quality, environment, occupational health and safety and food safety policies And matching with requirements of special specifications and chambers of tourism, With achieving the best safe environmental through the use of technical expertise from engineers and technicians specialized in treating the causes of the emergence and infestation of pests, while providing the best mechanical methods in pest control and limiting their infestation in addition to the use of insecticides specialized with modern techniques in control of different types of public health pests, Recommendations are also made for the client that will identify the sources and causes of the presence of pests and develop solutions to treat those sources, A statistical analysis of the level of service and the degree of performance is also made, which shows the extent of the service’s effecting and its positivity, and all this is done by applying service requirements according to the specifications and customer requirement.



Sterilization - disinfection

Within all facilities

Where disinfection and sterilization operations are carried out against viruses and microbes inside facilities, hospitals, schools, restaurants, factories and hotels using the disinfectants specified by the World Health Organization and according to the client’s requests, with the use of the best types of specialized devices in order to provide a safe and healthy environment.



Supply of labour

tools and cleaning materials

The company carries out these activities to provide a clean and healthy work environment by using the best tools and detergents to help the workers that the customer cares about and in accordance with the instructions for occupational safety and food safety and by following the system forms, supervisory visits, and doing specialized work according to types of floors, walls, wooden and glass facades.



Coordination, create

maintenance of landscape

This is based on scientific foundations and principles through engineers specialized in creating and designing gardens, designing irrigation networks and putting aesthetic touches to exploit spaces in hotels, villages, factories and villas. The company also carries out maintenance and coordination work to landscape areas and provide the necessary equipment for this and skilled agricultural labour.



Transportation and disposal of waste

solid - liquid

This is through the provision of cars dedicated to transporting waste, as well as cleaning networks (water-wastewater) through manual labour and equipment for removing sediments from connections, transporting waste to their legitimate banks, and providing evidence of that



Cleaning and disinfection

drinking water tanks

This is done accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and by using recognized disinfectants with specialized equipment and trained workers in the work of cleaning tanks of all kinds (surfaces – tanks – floors – swimming pools) and according to their material (cement – ceramics – fibreglass) in tourist villages, homes and factories.